Global Drug Policy will be debated at the united nations in march 2016.
The voice of physicians will be heard.
Physicians Signed
Target: 1500 by Dec 2014
2,500 by march 2015 | 5,000 by march 2016
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Care when there is not cure
Almost 600,000 people die every year in México, nearly half of them as a result of chronic illnesses such as heart and lung disease, diabetes, HIV or cancer. Hundreds of thousands more Mexicans battle with earlier stages of these and other chronic illness. To ensure proper medical care for many of these individuals, access to palliative care and pain medicines is essential.
More naloxone drug overdose reversal kits distributed in Scotland
A pioneering programme which has led to a reduction in opiate drug-related deaths in Scotland has just been expanded.
UN General Assembly on Drugs (UNGASS) - well explained.
Head of OSF Global Drug Policy Programme gives good analogy on how outrage to response to AIDS in 2001 led to change.
Events area
3rd City Health International Conference
3 Nov 2014 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The conference will examine how cities around the globe respond to changing populations and adapt to changing health behaviours.
Global Addiction 2014 RIO
10 Nov 2014 Río, Brazil
The 2014 HIT Hot Topics Conference
14 Nov 2014 Liverpool, UK
This conference will focus on neuroscience and drug dependence, hepC and harm reduction, the necessity of taking control of drugs in order to establish a healthier and safer society, electronic cigarettes and the evolution of drug rooms, among many others.