Global Drug Policy will be debated at the united nations in march 2016.
The voice of physicians will be heard.
Physicians Signed
Target: 1500 by Oct 2014
2,500 by march 2015 | 5,000 by march 2016
In the news
Viral Hepatitis and Drug Use in Europe
BMC Infectious Disease supplement “Viral Hepatitis and Drug Use in Europe” is live.
NAPW Asks: "Who Among Us Will Take a Stand?"
With this letter National Advocates for Pregnant Women continues its fight for the rights of pregnant women.
Taking Control: Pathways to drug policies that work
The Global Commission proposes five pathways to improve the global drug policy regime.
Events area
2nd International Conference on Law Enforcement and Public Health (LEPH2014)
5 Oct 2014 Amsterdam, Netherlands
This conference, organised jointly by the Centre for Law Enforcement and Public Health and the Talma Institute for the Study of Work, Care and Welfare, will discuss the link between law enforcement and public health.
10th US Harm Reduction Conference
23 Oct 2014 Baltimore, USA
This conference will focus on improving best practices of harm reduction in a context in which the totalitarianism of the war on drugs is" melting at the edges".